Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's going on at the Old Town Public Library...

We wish to extend a special thank you to all of you who have braved the “heavy equipment maze” to get to the Old Town Public Library. We apologize for the difficulty you may have experienced when you tried to park in either of our parking lots, but appreciate your understanding. The recent project to reconstruct the front wall and back bank has been a long time in the making; but thanks to gift funds and the engineering and implementation of our Public Works Department, we will soon have a safer and more attractive retaining wall around the library grounds. Several years ago, when it was evident that the retaining wall on the Brunswick Street side of the property was listing toward the parking lot, plans were made to replace the landscape block wall.
In an effort to extend the life of the wall, a Public Works crew re-set a portion of leaning blocks, but the wall continued to disintegrate and became a safety hazard. Once the replacement plan was determined, gift monies were set aside for construction and planting, and a new engineering plan developed. This spring, the Public Works Department was able to place this project on their list, and they began construction late last week. Rather than a retaining wall, a gentle slope was created, using recycled curbing and material from the compost facility. Blocks from the front wall, were re-purposed behind the library to help prevent continued erosion on the bank between the library grounds and the city parking lot. 

We are pleased to say that very little material has been brought in for this project, and little-to- nothing will be carried away when it is completed. Thanks to the efforts of the Public Works Department, and measures to recycle construction materials and plants, this has been a cost effective project, and we are pleased to have both areas constructed into safer and more beautiful spaces. As always, we are especially grateful to those individuals who donate funds to not only purchase books and materials for the library, but to help make this campus an aesthetically pleasing and inviting place to spend time.

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