Monday, May 13, 2013


Join us on Tuesday, May 21st from 11 am to 1pm, for our final Tuesday Forum Luncheon of the season at the Old Town Public Library.  Our special guest will be Lisa Colburn, author of The Maine Garden Journal – Insider secrets from Maine people who love to put their hands in the dirt!  The Maine Garden Journal is a compilation of the wisdom and experiences of ornamental gardeners throughout the state of Maine – from Fort Kent to Kittery. 

 Lisa’s presentation contains a wealth of plant-related information, including tree, shrub, perennial, bulb, houseplant and tropical plant recommendations; as well as reveals the best garden centers in the state, and why Maine gardeners order many plants from online and print catalogs.  Garden tours, garden art and more are discussed in this whirlwind tour of Maine, garden-related topics. 

Lisa was born and raised in a rural community in extremely northern Maine where it seemed everyone gardened.  Through the years and many careers, Lisa’s “constant,” the one thing she was never without, was gardening.

Lisa has been active in organizing garden education programs and frequently speaks on a variety of ornamental gardening topics.  She has a passion for very tiny alpine plants and extremely large-leaved plants.  Lisa’s ornamental and food gardens expand yearly because “there are always new plants to try.”  There’s no place she’d rather be than in her garden.

A light luncheon will be served, and space is limited so be sure to call the library to reserve a seat:  827-3972.

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