Friday, March 07, 2014

Facebook of Yesteryear

Look for family and friends in the Facebook of yesteryear. 

The Digital Archives range from 1888 to 1984.

~Below you will find correspondence excerpts from the March 3, 1888 Old Town Enterprise :

MISSES Gracie and Angie Tozer entertained a party of twenty-five of their little friends Saturday, Feb. 26. It was the eighth birthday of one of them and near the 6th. of the other. Their Sabbath and day school teachers were present to add to the pleasure of the occasion. A number of presents were given, to be kept in rememberance of the happy event.

THROUGH the efforts of Ed Lancaster an orchestra has been organized here, which has been a long felt want.

A LECTURE on War will be given at the Universalist Church on Sunday at 2:30, local time, by the pastor.

A LARGE number attended the Universalist Ladies Circle at Mr. Hiram Butterfield's last Tuesday. It was a pleasant occasion.

MR. J. Herbert Barker, a representative of the Dedham Transcript, Dedham Mass. was in town and made us a call one day this week. Mr. Barker is called here as a witness on the Stain-Cromwell Case.

AFTER the regular Meeting of Old Town Steamer Co. No. 4 which will be held at Dirigo Hall next Monday evening, the members treat themselves to an oyster supper.

MR. E. G. Sawyer is about to add to his already, increasing business a large supply of undertakers' goods, and will soon be ready to supply the increasing demand for coffins and caskets.

WORK on the new store of Ezra Perkins will be commenced next week: The building is to be erected on the site next north of the store of W. H. Stevens. A. T. Wing & Son have contracted to do the work.


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