Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Digital Maine Library - Elementary

Trying to work from home and supervise the kids at the same time? Not easy, but the Digital Maine Library can help!

Use this link to access: Digital Maine Library - Elementary.

You will find a collection of educational websites designed especially for kids.  The four that follow seemed to be the most engaging and easy to use for  students in the younger grades.

  • World Book Early Learning (K-3) - This site has a wealth of engaging,instructional videos, stories, games and activities. There is audio available for all the text, to maximize the child’s independence. Students can read the stories themselves or listen to an audio narration. When the audio is on, the words are highlighted as they are spoken. There are online games and activity pages that can be printed.

  • National Geographic Kids (K-5) - This is a great site for reluctant readers with no patience for make-believe. Nature oriented, high-interest offerings with National Geographic’s trademark fabulous pictures. There are literally hundreds of short videos, books and magazines. There is an optional audio that highlights the word as it is read.

  • Miss Humblebee’s Academy (Preschool-Grade 1) - This is designed to be used primarily as an instructional program, but there are fun songs and books available. Again, the words light up as they are spoken. (No longer available after June 30th)

    • World Book Kids (K-5) This site is more directly instructional than the others, including science experiments as well as text, games and other activities. This would be a good resource for older students, if there is an adult available toprovide more direction.
    There are several other websites available through DML - Elementary. They are more curriculum based and require more adult involvement. But, if you have time to explore, you may find they’re just right for your family!

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