A memorial book is a way to remember someone who has passed away. Many people purchase memorial books for their library simply because it is a positive way to remember someone special. The shelf life of a book often spans many years, while flowers perish quickly. All libraries, not just the Old Town Public Library, accept these types of gifts. It is one of the ways that we have to increase the number of books, videos, or audiobooks that we offer to the patrons that we serve.

If you wish to make a memorial contribution to any library contact the library director or librarian and tell him/her what you would like to do. Every library has a "wish list" of books and/or other materials like videos and audiobooks that they would like to add to their collection. When you leave it to the library a staff member will normally purchase something that their collection needs. You can also give a couple of subject areas that the deceased person enjoyed and let the library staff try to find something in this manner. Either way a memorial gift lasts for years and many people benefit from the gift. Cards are sent to the family of the deceased person informing them of each gift. It is such a positive way to remember the passing of a special person.For more information about how your library processes memorial gifts, please ask at the Circulation Counter.

If you would like to give a memorial contribution, please complete the following form and submit with payment:

Memorial Order Form

In Memory Of...
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